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Journal Entry – 03/29/2021

Survived 50 hours in Beer Sheva for Shabbat and the first night of Passover. Could not connect to the religious connotation of the weekend, but it was nice to be with Becky’s family.

Finished reading David Baldacci’s The Innocent – given that this is the first book in the Will Robie series, and I had previously read the others, I now need to go back and reread books 2, 3, 4 & 5. And started reading Michael Connelly’s Chasing the Dime.

The family next door to where we were staying are, judging from the large Shas signs front and back, supports and followers of the ultra-orthodox (Mizrahi-leaning) political party. The signs got me thinking, why do the ultra-orthodox (Haredim) think that they alone are the sole arbitrators of the morels and soul of Israel? Do they think /believe that others, be they secular or otherwise, have no moral compass? Have no soul? Bullshit!

John Harris recently penned an excellent article in the Guardian newspaper “How do faithless people like me make sense of this past year of Covid?” “Many of us yearn for meaning. But in our individualistic, secular society we lack even the flimsiest of narratives to guide us”

Well worth reading!

Just finished watching season three of Broadchurch on Netflix. While the storyline does not always make perfect sense, full marks for the acting, dialogue, location, and most importantly the subject matter. How does a family deal with the murder of a child? To lose a child under any circumstances must be horrendous. To lose a child to murder and knowing that the murderer is a best friend and gets away with the murder – does not serve jail time, although is ostracized from the community – must be doubly painful. And of course, there is a pain of another kind to the family of the murderer.

The third season while continuing the main theme also explored the serial rapes in the Broadchurch community and touched on the role of the media in reporting news.

I enjoyed the three seasons of Broadchurch.

I also enjoyed Lenny Henry’s role as Ed. For me at least, it was nice to see Lenny Henry playing a supporting dramatic role.

Wanted to go to the gym this morning, could not get moving. I always sleep badly in Beer Sheva. Catching up on sleep. Thought to go at lunchtime but in the end decided to write a few words, and catch up on several other tasks.

Have not called anyone to wish them a ‘happy holiday’. I know I should. I guess I half expected others would call me. Maybe I will later today or tomorrow give a few people a call.


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