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In the land of Bibi

In his Thursday night address to the nation, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the claim that there is a coup against him and his government directed by the police and judiciary.

(I have written elsewhere that I can see the day that Benjamin Netanyahu will himself lead a coup against the State of Israel, in the name of democracy of course. Bibi and his supportive lapdogs will take a page from Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s songbook. Enacting legislation to change the constitution of Israel from a Parliamentary system with a Prime Minister and figure-head President to a pure Presidential system, where Bibi is of course President.)

He insinuated that certain elements of the police and judiciary were corrupt, that this had been known for many years and that a thorough investigation of the investigators is required.

Assuming he is even marginally correct in his assertion and the issue has been known for many years, given that he has been prime minister for the past 10 years, why did he not investigated a review during the past decade?

I have no way of knowing if there is any substance to the charges leveled against the prime minister. That said I do recall the old adage that “there's no smoke without fire” which leads me to assume that there is some substance to the allegations.

An old phrase that appears to be truer than not goes something like “behind every successful man, there is a strong woman.” Benjamin Netanyahu, to quote the TV character Arthur Daley has, “her indoors”. How much of his legal trouble is the result of “her indoors” and her demands may never be known. Certainly, according to the Israeli media and the stories that surface from time-to-time, the lady is a force to be reckoned with. And it's not “fake news”, its public record.

And what of Yair Netanyahu, what part has he played he his father’s woes?

In early November, I read an article published in the Times of Israel - - regarding Yair Netanyahu in conversation with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach at a New York event.

Purely out of interest, who paid for Yair Netanyahu’s trip: flight, lodging, related expenses? Did Boteach’s organization, World Values Network? Was Yair there in a private capacity or representing his father and by default the State of Israel? If the latter, who appointed him to this exalted position?

I have heard but don’t know if in fact it's true, that young Yair travels with security details. Assuming for a moment that he does, who pays for the security detail, the Israeli tax payer. And as an extension, when Yair is in the Us and other countries, who pays the travel expenses of the security team?

Food for thought?


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