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I’ve Always Been Crazy But It’s Kept Me From Going Insane

Not my words I hasten to add, although certainly my sentiments.

The phrase comes from the late US singer, songwriter, actor, and more, Waylon Jennings -

The line is included in his song "I've Always Been Crazy" -

I had originally thought to entitle this rant “It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World” after the 1963 movie of the same name directed by Stanley Kramer and starring more Hollywood greats than I have time and space for. The movie is one that I can watch over and over again.

Having thought about my opening paragraphs I felt that maybe “It’s a Sick Sick Sick Sick World” was more apt a title.

However having by chance come across the Waylon Jennings line in The New Iberia Blues by American writer James Lee Burke, the axiom perfectly sums up my current mood.

At times it’s challenging to live in Israel. I am not explicitly talking about the perpetual ongoing conflict with the Palestinians, or various neighboring countries, although these do play a crucial background role. Rather it’s the day-to-day happenings that occur that make me at least wonder from time to time what the hell I am doing here.

Here in no particular order are a few recent examples:

“Court allows sex offender Rabbi Berland to travel to Uman despite stay of exit order” “Cult leader required to deposit NIS 650,000 in guarantees; given permission for pilgrimage to Ukraine even though government warning in force against visiting war-torn country”

The above story is from early this month.

It should be noted that Berland was sentenced to 18 months in jail in November 2016 after being convicted on two counts of indecent acts and one case of assault -

OK, it could be argued that the man served his time, paid his debt to society and the slate was wiped clean. Among other things, who is going to pull his sorry arse from the fire if matters go to pot in Ukraine?

One day after the New York Times exposed the underhanded dealings of Hasidic schools in New York state - - BooBoo Netanyahu in a despite move denies Israeli Haredi students the option to learn and benefit from secular subjects.

“Netanyahu-brokered Haredi unity deal would fund schools that shun secular subjects” “Ultra-Orthodox factions agree to maintain UTJ alliance in exchange for letting schools eschew core curriculum and still get public money, should right-religious bloc retake power”


“Netanyahu deal would undercut prime impetus for Haredim to teach core studies” “Ultra-Orthodox institutions are currently required to teach subjects like English and math to get state funding. If ex-PM’s campaign promise is fulfilled, that might change”

Just how low will this nauseating, impotent individual stoop to regain power, which he seems to believe is his birthright?

His desire for power at any cost outweighs the future of Israel's Haredi children to be part of the modern world. The man has zero morals or feelings for Israel and its future. I trust that the good citizens of Israel will note that should this obnoxious man regain the premiership he will use taxpayers' money to support Haredim educational institutions, many if not most of which are anti-Zionist.

To better understand the disservice that BooBoo wishes to render the Haredim, read the following article by Dr. Gilad Malach the director of the Ultra-Orthodox Society Program at the Israel Democracy Institute.

“Israel’s future depends on Haredi integration” “The path of isolation will devastate the country's economy – even modest advances toward modernizing will not outweigh the demographic burden”

I have to say it, and it gives me no pleasure, Benjamin Netanyahu is a despicable person who cares for nothing but his bloated ego.

And to show that BooBoo has zero shame, he has now brokerage a deal whereby Avi Maoz, another ultra-nationist far-right bigot, joins with Smotrich and Ben Gvir. I would ask, does he have no scruples, any dirty trick is fair game. Obviously, for BooBoo, the end justifies the means, and to hell with principals. To a certain degree, you have to pity the man. Come Yom Kippur, will seek forgiveness for his action from the rank and file of Israeli citizens? Doubtful.

“Netanyahu brokers deal for far-right anti-LGBT party to run with Religious Zionism” “Noam head Avi Maoz says he’ll take 11th spot on slate of allied extremist parties”

To add insult to injury, if that is at all possible, Smotricj ensures the Israeli public that Ben Gvir will be a senior minister in the next government. How does he know?

“Smotrich says extremist Ben Gvir will be senior minister in Netanyahu government” “Far-right politician predicts Religious Zionism will be third-largest after elections, and says much of its rise stems from popularity of extremist Otzma Yehudit leader”

If that is not enough of a kick in the head, this loathsome specimen of a human being is calling for the banning of Israeli Arab political parties, whereby disenfranchising almost 25% of Israeli citizens. This is democracy fascist style.

If we do not act against these ultra-nationist fascist thugs, the words of Martin Niemöller will come true for us.

Their agenda is plain to see; first, the Arab/non-Jewish citizens of Israel will be driven out, then anyone within the LGBTQ+ community. Next, they will come after secular Israelis; closing down Saturday activities and implementing a Taliban/Iranian autocracy.

Earlier this week in a readers’ comments section a contributor wrote that the Knesset has become a circus with most of the 120 members clowns. Sad but true. You just need to hear/read David Amslam of the Likud to know that the statement is factual.

If you want another example, you just have to follow the antics of Ayelet Shaked over the past couple of months. What makes the situation depressing is that, unlike the bigmouthed Amslam, Shaked, who I don’t support but can appreciate, has contributed to Israel’s benefit. And yet instead of focusing fully on her ministerial role, she has played musical chairs, all in the hope of retaining a seat in the next Knesset. Is that not pathetic?

We, the secular, silent majority of Israeli citizens have a choice come November 1. Let’s hope that we make the right choice. The other option could well lead to the slow imploding of Israel and with it an increased exodus of young secular, well-educated Israeli seeking, understandably, a better, stress-free future elsewhere.


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