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I’m Rather Worried About BiBi

The original line was “I’m rather worried about Jim” and taken from BBC radio’s Mrs. Dale’s Diary, later simply the Dales. Jim was Mrs. Dale’s doctor husband, and the line became a catchphrase of the daily radio soap.

The memory came back to me thinking about our would-be benevolent dictatorial prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

It would appear that BiBi is far from in control of his government. It seems that his erstwhile partners are the puppet masters and that BiBi dances to their tune.

Take the case of the loudmouth obnoxious David (Dudu) Amslem. This loathsome individual, due to his screaming, foot-stamping, child-like temper tantrums, and more, secures from BiBi, not one, not two but three coalition posts.

To keep Amslem silent and sweet, BiBi has given him the position of second minister within the Justice Ministry, as well as regional cooperation minister and the minister liaising between the government and the Knesset.

As a YeshAtid spokesman remarked “It is important to have two justice ministers in order to destroy the justice system, but a health minister and an interior minister — not mandatory. A government in disorder and the citizens will pay”.

“Supreme Court critic Amsalem to join Justice Ministry as 2nd minister” “Five weeks after the government formed, influential Likud MK agrees to several ministerial roles, ending headache for Netanyahu”

As we know the interior and health ministries are being held for Aryeh Deri, the convicted lawmaker who promised last year to withdraw from political life as part of a plea bargain that he ostensibly did not honor. But why should he, after all, he is Aryeh Deri.

Purely as a side issue, surely the two above crucial ministries warrant a full-time minister, not a part-time wannabe. Oh but wait, BiBi is not in charge, he is simply the puppet being manipulated by others.

“Bill to restore Deri as minister by disempowering High Court submitted to Knesset” “Coalition parties said aiming for preliminary reading next week; AG reportedly probing if Shas leader has violated court disqualification by continuing to meet ministry officials”

Often reader's comments are so telling. For example, the following comments were posted after the above article.

Reader Elihu Smith wrote “Deri seems to not follow court order or rules based on this article. Does Deri, despite wearing a kippa, also follow or not follow Torah and mitzvas in the same manner?”

Reader David Sher wrote, “Making Deri a minister is the equivalent of a Rabbi making pork kosher.”

Reader Issac Blair wrote, “How can you trust the words of a man who pleaded he'd not partake in politics if only they let him go, and then, goes back on his word and uses a politically sensitive situation to crawl back into politics again?”

Many have in recent months following the establishment of the present government asked how the Benjamin Netanyahu of 10, 15, or 20 years ago would view the Benjamin Netanyahu of 2023.

Let me go one further, how would the Benjamin Netanyahu of 1972 view the Benjamin Netanyahu of today?

I ask the question following a talk I attended by a member of the Israeli commando that pulled off a spectacular rescue of the passengers and crew on Sabina flight 571 at Lod Airport (Ben Gurion Airport today) in May 1972.

A young Benjamin Netanyahu was a member of that elite Israeli commando unit under the command of Ehud Barak. Netanyahu was the only member of the unit to be wounded, shot by friendly fire.

“Sabena Flight 571 Hijacking” “May 8, 1972: In just 10 minutes, an IDF elite commando rescued the hostages from Flight 571”

The commando unit included not only Netanyahu and Barak, both of who would go on to be prime ministers of Israel, as well as Danny Yotam who would later go on to head the Mossad, and Uzi Dayan, the nephew of Moshe Dayan.

There is no shortage of idiotic pillocks in the current Knesset. Many show signs of playing with less than a full deck of cards.

Take for example Orit Strock who holds the office of National Missions Minister, whatever the heck that is. Seems that BiBi and his pals are making up new ministries with nothing jobs as a way to support his ultra-nationalist-leaning government. National Missions and a couple of the other new ministries sound like something out of Monty Python.

I’m no BiBi supporter but give the man credit, he understands only too well the need to listen and balance what world leaders/diplomats say particularly the United States. As pointed out in the related article below, “US involvement includes billions on Israeli defense”.

By her statement, it's plain as day that this poor woman understands zilch about world affairs or diplomacy and certainly zero about democracy and government of the people, by the people. Better for all that crawls back under the stone from which she came.

“National Missions Minister Orit Strock criticized US Secretary of State Antony Blinken” “Far-right minister slams Blinken: Netanyahu doesn’t need ‘lesson in democracy’” “Religious Zionism’s Strock says democracy about majority rule, not ‘foreign involvement,’ as visiting US secretary of state raises concerns about Israel’s path in meeting with PM”

Talking of idiotic pillocks, I had a wonderful laugh at the description of that insufferable, sanctimonious being, Roger Waters by Polly Samson, the wife of Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour. For those who missed this word picture, Polly Samson proclaimed that Waters was “antisemitic to your rotten core. Also a Putin apologist and a lying, thieving, hypocritical, tax-avoiding, lip-synching, misogynistic, sick-with-envy, megalomaniac”. WOW!

As for good news, there can be none better than reading that John Cleese is rebooting Fawlty Towers, 40 years on from the original series.

The Daily Mail asks the question that is on everyone’s lips, how will Basil Fawlty still be outrageous in today’s WOKE society?

“From Basil calling Polly a cloth-eared bint to the Major's notoriously racist rant about cricket fans... 10 Fawlty Towers jokes that might not make it past TV chiefs in John Cleese's sitcom reboot”

Hassan Rouhani, the former president of Iran famously mocked Trump: “How can a tradesman deal with international affairs?” If the matter were not so serious, it would be funny. I suspect a “tradesman” running his own business is a lot savvier than a priest, cleric, Iman, or rabbi; and yet time and again these men of the cloth seem to think they are qualified to speak on national and international affairs.


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