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“I'm ashamed that I am”

The phrase was spoken by the fictional Sergeant Patrick Harper of the 95th Rifle Regiment, later Sergeant Major of the South Essex Regiment. (Haper was the creation of English author Bernard Cornwell for his series of Napoleonic Wars novels featuring Richard Sharpe.)

The phrase came to mind on reading The Times of Israel article that GOD TV was now being broadcast on the HOT TV network in Israel. “Messianic network GOD-TV launches Hebrew channel in Israel, sparking outrage”

I am outraged by this move. I am not religious, but this move by HOT upsets me. Had I been a HOT subscriber I would have immediately canceled my subscription. Karl Marx famously wrote, “religion is the opium of the masses”.

The fact GOB TV is a missionary channel with the sole aim of converting people (Jews, Muslims) to Christianity, seems to have been lost on HOT.

Missionary activity is banned in Israel.

The Mormon church, which has been in Israel for decades, and while active bans its members while in Israel from any form of missionary work. My understanding having visited the Mormon headquarters in Jerusalem a couple of years ago and toured their campus, is that anyone who attempts to carry out missionary work is asked to leave by the Mormon Church.

Other than Communications Minister David Amsalem, no one seems to care about this flagrant infringement.

Israel was established as a Jewish Homeland for ALL Jews. A place of refuge from pogroms, antisemitism, and yet in our very heartland we are to be assaulted by this abomination.

Where are the The Stooges (Litzman, Deri, Gafni), where is Natafiali Bennet, Rafi Peretz, Bezalel Smotrich? Where are Bibi and Gantz? Do they know, do they care?

Hopefully, Amsalem will do the right thing and have GOD TV removed forthwith from Israeli TV. It’s disgraceful that it's here in the first place.


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