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“I’d vote for a tuna fish sandwich before I vote for Donald Trump again”

The quote is from one of a series of ads being shown around the US by a group called “Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT)”. The clips appear on YouTube and are widely quoted in the media.

There are many in Israel, who no doubt feel the same away about “Crime” Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In Israel, right now, the “tuna sandwich” has a good shot at beating out Bany Gantz as well.

I’ve started to watch the Netflix series on Donald Trump.

It would be pleasing to call the man a “moron”, but the truth is, he is far from a “moron”. He is, undoubtedly many things; his niece, Mary Trump labels him a “sociopath”. This among many other descriptive adjectives.

Given that Mary Trump is a trained psychologist with many years of experience, her observations of her uncle would appear to be spot on.

And here is the cruncher, Trump makes “Tricky Dicky” look almost human. There is no agreement that Nixon was a mess of contradictions and labored under the notion that all around him were “out to get him”. Sounds familiar?

And unlike Trump, for all his faults and shortcomings, Nixon did achieve a breakthrough with China. What thus far has Trump achieved, save for dividing the country.

No doubt Freud, and other psychoanalysts could have a field day with Trump. Just imagine the amount of research, the reams of papers need to fully describe Trump.

At this point, I have to raise my hands and admit that I was naive enough to believe that despite his lack of prior knowledge or understanding of Washington, he would bring to the presidency a much-needed breath of fresh air. Boy, was I ever wrong? US-based friends/family told me that a Trump presidency would be beyond catastrophic for the US, and this was way before COVID19. Were they ever right. Shame on me for ever thinking that from a distance I could see more clearly than those with boots on the ground in the US.

No wonder “Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT)”, “The Lincoln Project” and several other groups are so vocal in their determination that Trump must be removed at all costs, and that a “tuna sandwich” could do no worse.

I have never met Makhlouf "Miki" Zohar, the Likud MK who is currently the collation chairman and its chief whip. Let me state further, I have zero desire to meet, speak, or see this man, who I find obnoxious beyond words.

It’s a depressing reflection on the Knesset and Israel when someone like the ilk of Miki Zohar is the face of so-called democracy.

No doubt as he strides the corridors of the Knesset in his jackboots and brandishing his whip, terrifying all that he comes into contact with, what malevolent thoughts go through the mind of this bully?

Does Netanyahu’s arse-kissing, poodle-in-chief give a monkey about the people of Israel, or is the sole aim of this “little dude” to do his boss biding, come what may?

All that said, to borrow a phrase from a Brian Hyland song you do have to feel a “"Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie” sorrow for Zohar, the man all appear to hate and ridicule. The man has the most unenviable job. No wonder he is looking forward to taking on the chairmanship of World Likud.

Just look at what he has to put up with? Against the instructions of Netanyahu, Israel’s most benevolent dictator, the Knesset’s coronavirus committee, chaired by Likud MK Yifat Shasha-Biton, voted to open swimming pools and gyms.

By all accounts, both Netanyahu and Zohar went ballistic. The “red card” waived in the face of Netanyahu, is like the matador’s cape in front of a raging bull. Zohar has of course promised “hell and brimstone” on the head of Yifat Shasha-Biton.

But here is the thing, while Bibi can’t just make decisions on his own as per the dictators rule book and then expect the Knesset and/or various committees to rubber stamp his proclamations, Shasha-Biton, and her committee did not, in my opinion, think this matter through.

A second wave has hit Israel, and according to the media and various health experts, matters are going to get worse. The total lockdown of the country looms once again. and

In the lukewarm defense of her actions, Yifat Shasha-Biton, is quoted as saying that she “is here to serve the public and do what’s right for the public, both health-wise and financially.” And that “We have to maintain balance and we will make the right decisions professionally. I am willing to pay the price for doing the right thing. We make decisions based on data,” she concluded.

WOW, what a porky? If Shasha-Biton really, deep down cared about the good citizens of Israel, she would have understood the need to protect the country from this second wave of COVID19. Further, if she genuinely with passion cared about the people of Israel, she would not have supported the ludicrous notion that a 36 member cabinet can govern the country. But of course, Shasha-Biton like most of the other wallies in Jerusalem are interested in one thing only, self-preservation.

It’s no wonder, whether, in the US or Israel, people are concluding that a “tuna sandwich” could do no worse than these clowns. (And that is being harsh on [circus and other] clowns who have a leading role in our lives to bring real laughter, happiness and joy.


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