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I cry for you, my beautiful country.

I am proud of my center-right conservative outlook.

I am equally proud of being called a liberal-hawk. And I am proud of being labeled inconsistent, inconsequential, and irrelevant. I encompass a rainbow of views, feelings, dreams, and aspirations for Israel.

Since Thursday night, I have been raging at the disappointment of those that we elect to govern us.

Of course, no one is to blame but us.

It’s not important if Bibi put a spin on his intention to vote for gay rights the fact is that once again he used clever words to explain his about-face. Bibi also celebrated the passing of a nationality law which in a sweep makes approximately 25% of Israelis second-class citizens.

I cry when I read the comments of the weekend about nationality law mimicking the Nazi Nuremberg Laws. We should be ashamed. What message does it send to non-Jewish Israeli citizens?

And black Thursday saw the dragging from his bed at 5.00 am a Conservative rabbi charged with marrying couples outside of the permitted Rabbinate. We need to take back our country.

We need to remind Deri, Litzman, Gafni, and the others of their ilk that while we respect their traditions, they do not rule/govern Israel.

The country, thank goodness is still a secular state, although for how much longer I don’t know.

As the Haaretz newspaper headline reads “The Israel you know just ended. You can blame that on Netanyahu.”


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