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His finest hour

I’m no fan of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, yet credit must be given to him for the way he has thus far handled his addresses to the nation, unlike his minister of education or his minister of health.

Simply put, while Netanyahu is no Churchill, his remarks do have a certain Churchillian feel about them. Netanyahu promises us, blood, sweat, and tears, but also assure us that in the end, we will triumph of this foe we know as the coronavirus.

Israel is, like many countries across the globe, facing a major, life-changing battle, a battle that must be won. The citizens of Israel are no strangers to hostilities, yet this time around we face an adversary the like of which has not been seen for 100 years.

Now is the time for all the people of Israel to come together to fight and defeat the common enemy. Regardless of our politic leaning, or religious outlook, we need to stand together as one nation.

But instead of embracing the opportunity to come together, the Four Horsemen and their minions bicker like little children.

Big deal, Netanyahu’s trial has been postponed for two months, right now there are far more important issues to face. Yes, Netanyahu is suggesting the use of invasive technology that in a time of peace would be outrageous, however, if the technology can save lives and is implemented for the duration of the hostiles and the collected data destroyed once the battle is won, we should embrace its use subject to strict guidelines and oversight.

It’s easy to point a finger and censure Netanyahu, yet who among us would jump at the chance to swap places with him right now?

Millennium snowflakes refer to Churchill as a tyrant, villain, murderer and worse, and yet they don’t take into account that a that exact moment in time, Churchill took decisions based on the information available at that moment. Hindsight is so wonderful when reviewing matters that happened eight decades ago.

We look to our prime minister for leadership, to calm us, to inspire us, Benjamin Netanyahu is giving us this.

Benjamin Netanyahu is proving that he is the right man for this job – truly a man for all seasons, and with his leadership, guidance and determination, we will look back in years to come and agree that this was his finest hour.


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