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High Crimes and Misdemeanors – Part II

I have been taken to task – yet again, what a surprise – regarding my comments of this morning and my description of members of the Knesset as organisms. Maybe I did go too far and I apologies for the description.

That said, it’s plain as day that honorable members of that august chamber have NOT acted honorably in their dealings and actions which have left us with a third general election in 12 months. Are we some Banana Republic?

Given the unhonorable actions of most Knesset members, it is hard if not impossible to show respect to them. I will, however, refrain from further derogatory name-calling. It is belittling and reduces me to the same level as many of the unhonorable Knesset members. A place I don’t want to be.

So in the future and until such times as I at least can show respect to all, rather than a few, I will refer to Knesset members as the “unhonorable members”.

However, my act of contrition does not mean I am withdrawing my accusation that many unhonorable members are guilty of High Crimes and Misdemeanors.


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