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Hail Czar Vladimir

Am I the only way that sees the connection between Bibi Netanyahu being led like a sheep to slaughter by Obama at BG airport yesterday to make his (Bibi’s) groveling call to Turkey? Sorry for attacking your blockage breaking ship – our “boys” screwed up – of course we will pay compensation – just name the price! Just connect the dots. Of course Obama is worried about Syria but that is just the ruse – his real fear – and the US was caught asleep on their watch (again) is the take over by Russia of Cyprus. Think Cyprus monetary crises and Russia's part in it! Does anyone remember their history – the Crimean War? Britain, France and Turkey fought against Russia – the intention being to stop Russia obtaining a warm water port in the Mediterranean basin. What the old czar did not achieve – the new czar (Putin) has. Turkey will not intervene – their northern Cyprus puppet is actually now well off compared to their southern cousins. The UK will not – with what?

From Cyprus its just a hop, skip and a jump across north Africa, the middle east and gulf. Hail Czar Vladimir!


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