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Further reflections on life in the age of corona

I have always considered Luciano Pavarotti’s many renditions of "Nessun Dorma" from Puccini's opera Turandot to be the definitive version of this moving aria. (What do I know!)

Yesterday morning, via YouTube, I came across a version by Andrea Bocelli taken from his 2011 New York Central Park concert - – phenomenal. I am always moved to tears by this aria, the musical score, the blending of solo voice and choir, it’s heart-rending. Pavarotti is still my #1 but Bocelli's performance is a close second.

I’ve been taken to task regarding many comments I made in my previous posting – “Rationalizing in the time of corona”.

This is my blog, it allows me to let off steam, retain my sanity in this crazy, screwed-up world. And laugh at the stupidity of people who set themselves up to govern us.

Today’s prime example is Benny Gantz, who I am sure is a lovely man, a wonderful husband, father, etc., and a successful soldier and IDF chief of staff. As I have written several times, in politics, he is a rookie. He is inexperienced, untested. His many years' army experience while profound, will not help me in the political arena. This is not just my feelings. Last week, the journalist turned politician turned journalist, Shelly Rachel Yachimovich on her radio program referred to Gantz as a rookie, (who one day, in the not too distant future is going to be royal screwed by Benjamin Netanyahu).

So, I am not allowed to say what I think? Has free-speech been abolished in Israel? I am not slanderous, I am simply stating the facts as I see them, and as others see them.

And yes, I did write mumbling, bumbling Litzman, and holier than thou Deri. For those who have witnessed Litzman’s pronouncements on TV in recent weeks, it's heartbreaking to watch a government minister mumble his way through a critical address, an address which was meant to install confidence in his leadership (or lack of leadership). Just maybe had he spoken in Yiddish, his delivery would have been more forceful?

Deri may well have been elected to the Knesset by like-minded constitutions in his ultra-orthodox Sephardic community, but the moment he took the oath of office as a government minister, his responsibility is to represent ALL citizens of Israel: Jewish, Arab, religious, secular without favor or prejudice.

In simple terms, this means that if the health ministry determines that a lockdown of ultra-orthodox areas needs to be enforced, Deri needs to fully endorse the lockdown, for the good of ALL.

Many are becoming daily more concerned with the security forces tracking our movements via our cellphones. The hope is that once all this is behind us, the data collected will be destroyed; wishful thing?

I found Edward Snowden’s recent interview with Ynet somewhat chilling - That said, there is a feeling that Netanyahu will try to install himself as president with full executive powers; think Turkey, think Russia. So just maybe, Snowden has a point.

And what of Donald J.? Another day of rants and raves. There is much I want to say but I am wary about negative comments being read by “big brother” and my US visa pulled. Am I overreacting?

Nevertheless, it disturbing to see the presidency reduced to the level of a confrontational TV talk show.

And life goes on.

Here in Israel, we are again under curfew; from 5.00 pm yesterday through to 5.00 am Thursday meeting. This is to make sure that we don't meet for the last day of Passover or for the Mimouna celebrations, which take place once Passover is finished tonight.

As of this morning, we have 12,046 sick, 133 seriously ill and 123 deaths.

The next milestone and probable curfew dates are army memorial day, April 27 and Israel Independence day April 28. Normally hundreds of thousands of people visit the military cemeteries to lay flowers and say prayers.

Independence Day street parties and concerts attract millions. It looks like this year, it’s going to be a somber Independence Day!.

And we still don’t have a government.


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