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From the Desk of Murray L. Freeman

If Donald Trump can, so can I. I also want to stay in touch with my thousands of followers who hang on to my every word.

So today, Thursday, May 6, 2021, from the Desk of Murray L. Freeman come the following rants, raves, fun-poking, and provocations.

This morning, driving home from the gym, I caught part of the 8:00 AM Hebrew news. My concentration, as it should be, was on my driving, not the radio so I missed part of an important story. The gist of the news item was that a supposedly prominent Jerusalem rabbi held in esteem by the nationalist Zionist movement proclaimed that Jews who do not want to live in an Israel governed by Jewish Halachic law should go and live in America.

Is this guy nuts? What is he smoking?

Israel is a democratic country where the dominant religion is Judaism but where only a portion of the Jewish citizens of the country adheres to Halachic. I certainly do not want to live in an Israel which mirrors Iran or various other Muslim countries, and I suspect the same is true for the majority of Israel’s Jews citizens.

What happened to respect for others' points of view, lifestyle?

It seems that the Jewish citizens of Israel always have to bow down to the demands of the religious. And while it will never happen, regretfully, it is time for s separation of state and religion.

Following the newscast, Yaron Dekel and Chaim Levinson kicked off their weekly two-hour radio program on KAN Reshet Bet. I heard just the opening minutes. Levinson told a story about a rabbi who went daily/weekly to the Kotel to pray, asking each time that he win the top prize in the weekly lotto draw. Following a period and with the rabbi no nearing winning the top prize, he asked out loud what he had to do to gain the prize. A voice boomed back, “fill out the card with the winning numbers”. The way Levinson told the story in Hebrew was funny.

Just finished reading The Winner by David Baldacci, one of my favorite writers. OK, so this is not highbrow literature; that said, it's certainly not pulp fiction.

The conclusion of the story, once the character of Matt Riggs had been introduced was a forgone conclusion, however, the twists and turns to reach the story end were exhilarating.

Having finished another Baldacci novel, I have started on book number three of the William Warwick novels by another favorite of mine, Jeffery Archer. Like Baldacci, this is not highbrow literature, although all Archer’s books are deeply researched, it is simply a dam good entertaining read. What more can you ask for in a novel?

For a fleeting few minutes, I thought (naively) that we would be dancing in the street singing “Bye, Bye Bibi (and Sara), Bye, Bye”. Looks like I was wrong and we appear to be spiraling into a fifth election.

Donald Trump after the second or third election in the current series joked that “they keep having elections in Israel and no one gets elected”. I hate to say it, but how right he was.

While Ronald Reagan was the “great communicator”, our benevolent dictator, Bibi, is the “great manipulator”. Expect him to pull yet another rabbit from his hat. How does he do it, it’s a mystery.

Mr. T. was fond of saying “pity the fool”. Allow me to paraphrase that and say, “I pity the fools”.

I am talking about the number of drivers on the road with new cars and late model cars who don’t seem to know/understand/be aware that their cars come with traffic signals (traffic indicators).

Joking apart, why don’t drivers use signals before turning? It is unbelievable the number of drivers who think you can second guess their intentions. And of course, not a policeman in sight.


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