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Fascinating story

Despite a raging fever – this has to be fourth or fifth bout since Jan 1 – I took Thursday afternoon off work (played hooky) and joined a tour of the old Tel Aviv cemetery. Opened 110 years ago – the three hour tour was simply a walk in the history of Tel Aviv. Amazing. And I recommend the tour to everyone. No matter how longer you have lived in Tel Aviv / Israel – you will lean something new. Arriving home feeling awful I naturally sat down at my PC to review both business and personal mails. In my private inbox was a mail from family in London which included text and video clip – both reproduced below. I forwarded the clip to the tour guide – Pamela Levine - as I know she will find the video of interest. As a footer to my private e-mails, I include the following line "'The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” Think about it when reading / viewing the following. Text begins: “Fascinating story. I was deeply moved by this story of these brave airmen. The only four (!) airplanes Israel had when war of independence began were smuggled from Czech Republic. They were German "Messerschmitt 109". They were assembled overnight in Tel Aviv and were never flight tested. This is a short video about their pilots. Please watch it. You will not be disappointed. Those are proud Americans who joined the fight of Good against Evil. P.S. Contrary to popular perception (by the people who do not know history) that United States helped Israel during war of independence, reality was quite different. Americans were NOT allowed to join the fight, and an arms embargo had been established and enforced by the FBI. At the same time Arab armies were very well supplied by the same countries who maintained an arms embargo against Israel and, of course, had a great advantage in manpower. " Please watch this video


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