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Deal of the Century or Sale of the Century?

Much has already been printed about Trump’s “Deal of the Century” and no doubt as this week progresses and more facts been general knowledge additional column inches will be written. And of course the multitude of “talking heads” will spew forth their opinions, analysis, condemnation and/or support.

Maybe I am being cynical, but why now? Why release this package now, just weeks before Israel’s third election in less than twelve months?

Could it be that Trump is fearful that Bibi will not be returned to power in March? Is Bibi clutching at straws, trying to show his statesman-like qualities and like Chamberlain seeking to return to Israel with a piece of paper promising peace in our time?

Maybe its Trump wanting to appear on Time magazine – he felt that his place was stolen from him by Greta Thunberg. Or maybe it’s the Noble Peace Prize he desires, that after all was stolen from him by Abiy Ahmed, the Ethiopian Prime Minister. Is it that Trump jealous?

And what of the Palestinian Authority (PA), where do they fit into this “Deal of the Century”?

As today’s opinion piece headline on the Ynet English website proclaims “The so-called deal of the century offers the Palestinians far less than they've ever been offered, but they've been saying 'no' to any proposal to resolve the conflict since the 1920s, and the time has come to pay the price

Trump, some would say in his nativity, is giving both sides six weeks to finalize the “deal”. Regardless of whoever forms the next Israeli government, assuming, of course, there is no fourth round of elections, the serious conversations will only happen after elections.

Interesting to note the contrast of Bibi and Gantz getting to Washington. Bibi flies in style with “her who must be obeyed”. Gantz, I understand, flew regular commercial to Washington.

Also of interest was Avigdor Lieberman's criticism of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for departing for the United States and thus skipping a Knesset discussion regarding his request to receive immunity in the three corruption cases against him.

So, what will happen? Trump’s made it clear that he “loves making deals”. Will this deal grant him the world prestige he so longs for or will his plan simply go the way of others before him?

He is right on one level, to quote Churchill “jaw, jaw is better than war, war”.

However, for how long can you jaw, jaw?


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