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Corona TakeAways (or How I Learnt to Love Lockdown)

Jobs for the boys (and girls)

Alternatively, we can say that the repeated mantra of most, if not all of the 120 wallies in Jerusalem is “f—k you (the good people of Israel), I’m alright Jack.

Or maybe, in these challenging and troublesome times with so many people out of work, with daily messages about pulling together, tightening our belts, the government promises loans to business to tied them over, maybe these wallies are shouting out, “do as we say, not as we do”.

We’ve seen examples with Benjamin Netanyahu and his son Avner, Ltzman and his prayer meeting, maybe even President Rivlin and now we hear about Avigdor Liberman. Fake news?

And what of Gantz and his colleagues in the Blue & White faction? Did he break up his alliance, step-up to the plate, just to see a bloated cabinet with 33 or more ministers? Is this putting Israel first?

Ofer Kenig, sums up the situation in his recent blog: “A jumbo-size government? Now? Really?

The Haaretz editorial of April 6, is also worth a read: “Gantz, Have You No Red Lines at All?

I assumed – of course, I am naïve on these matters – that Benny Gantz wanted to enter government to save Israel, in his words “Put Israel First”. It seems that at the end of the day Benny Gantz (and Amir Peretz & Itzik Shmuli) are no different from most of the other wallies that frequent the Knesset, all they are interested in is a “job” – f—K the country.

Hopefully, next time around, we will recall their deception.

If Yaakov Litzman was a menuch, he would resign his health ministry portfolio

Of course, he will not.

In recent days we have seen both the health ministers in Scotland and New Zealand sacked and demoted for breaking coronavirus mandatory guidelines. So why is Litzman different, even though he broke his ministry guidelines.

Firstly it appears that Litzman, like many if not all Haredim do nothing without the nod/approval of their rabbis. It’s as if they can’t think for themselves, they do what someone else, usually it seems an 80 or 90-year-old geriatric who has no real understand of the world outside of the yeshiva or synagogue. Am I being harsh, maybe, but we need to understand that when voting for Litzman, Deri or for that matter any other Hardi, you are getting someone else. I guess that the Haredim votes don’t care, they appear to be disciplined when it comes to the word of their rabbi, unable to think for themselves and blindly follow the orders given.

In past years, Litzman has been more concerned about non-Passover kosher food entering hospitals than he is about what happens in a hospital unless of course, it impacts the Haridim's health needs.

And of course, Benjamin Netanyahu needs Litzman and his Haridim to support his governing block. Also reported last week was the fact that a new broom in the ministry would undercover the neglect that appears to dominate the health ministry in recent years, that saw both Netanyahu and Litzman run the ministry.


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