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Corona TakeAways

Reinventing the red nose: Clowns join the frontlines of the coronavirus fight

We’re keeping the system sane,’ says clown chief Nimrod Eisenberg, as his 100-strong team prescribes laughter as best medicine at 30 hospitals across Israel.

Great idea and all power to Nimrod Eisenberg and his merry men and ladies.

Maybe someone can prevail on Eisenberg to take his message to the Knesset. After this past week’s antics, a good laugh is no doubt required by all. But hang on, maybe that’s what we got; it looks like Bibi has OK’d Gantz. So, who gets the last laugh?

It’s not funny, it’s tragic that these wallies can play without a care with our lives.

Charity tied to top rabbi raises cash with promise of immunity from coronavirus

Bnei Brak-based Kupat Ha’ir organization, associated with Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, tells donors a NIS 3,000 payment will guarantee their family protection from COVID-19

No word from mumbling, bumbling Litzman on this scam?

No, there would not be; I am surprised that Litzman has not appeared somewhere suggesting that the government and people of Israel contribute to this sting.

Talking of Litzman looks like Bibi has learned a thing or two about Litzman and is keeping him away from the TV cameras. His director-general, Moshe Bar Siman-Tov, is by all accounts doing a good job but, would it not be nice to see the ministry of health on TV giving us reassurance that all will be well, that his ministry is working day and night to control the virus.

It’s a rhetorical question.

Joe Biden endorsed by J Street

Sounds like the kiss of death for Biden. Donald J. must be pleased.

Leaving aside J Street and what seems their warped understand of what is happening in Israel, is the 78-year-old Joe Biden the best that the Democratic Party can offer in this November’s crucial general election?

Yes, I know it’s all about the various state primaries, and who wins those primaries. But come on, both Biden and Bernie Sanders are the same age, is there no one 10, 15 or 20 years younger who can pick up the gauntlet and run with it? Is this the face that the National Democratic Party wants to represent their interests and beat Donald J.? Really?

A word on J Street.

They make no bones about the fact that they revile Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. I’ll remind them of what John Bolton said a couple of years ago to UK’s Sky News Kate Burley “how dare you to criticize my president”.

I’ll say the same thing to J Street, even though I am not a fan of Bibi “how dare you to criticize my prime minister”.

They want to change things in Israel, let them come and live and work in the country, serve in the army, contribute to the country. Don’t sit in their country clubs, mansions, and pontificate on what an Israeli government should or should not do.

They feel strongly about Israel, they should go and put down roots close the Israel/Gaza border or a southern community within rocket range of Gaza. If not, then they should just shut the f—k up, we who live in this country don’t need more negative sound bites.

Analysis: Netanyahu No Longer Wants a Unity Government, He Wants to Crush the Supreme Court

It’s now clear that eradicating the coronavirus is out and preventing the judiciary from curbing Netanyahu's power is in.

Yossi Verter, Haartz, April 17, 2020

Just prior to reading the above, I was rereading Yair Netanyahu’s latest outburst regarding “how he hoped elderly left-wing supports would catch the coronavirus and die”.

I felt sorry for the young man, putting aside his right-wing consecutive views, I can’t believe that his education was so distorted that he’d wish other people dead. Somewhere along the way, he must have undergone a traumatic experience for him to be so malicious. Possibly, and I have no real understanding of these matters, Yair requires counseling, sociological help.

Then I read Yossi Verter's analysis.

WOW. Here I am feeling somewhat sorry for Yair, thinking that maybe he needs help, but according to Yossi Vexter, Yair writes what his father thinks. WOW and double WOW.

If that not enough, the assertion is that the power behind Benjamin Netanyahu, the real power, is not the members of the Likud bloc, not Deri, not Litzman – its Sara and Yair. WOW and triple WOW.

It’s long been said that behind every powerful man stands an even more powerful woman, in, the case of Sara Netanyahu, we know this to be true. Just think of her rants and rages, her demands to be included on Bibi’s overseas trip – remember his trip to Oman and the problems her inclusion caused -

So now we know who really pulls the strings.

New York state governor, Andres Cuomo, laid into Donald J. some days ago, reminding the president that he is just president and not king.

Just maybe, Sara has her sights set on a Netanyahu dynasty with Yair the crown prince. Farfetched, maybe, but to many in Israel Bibi is already king, and history does have the habit of repeating itself.

Having written the above and just before posting, my eye caught sight of two related Haaretz articles that are worth reading:

'Netanyahu Is Morally Rotten, Gantz Is Weak,' Coronavirus Committee Head Says

Legislator Ofer Shelah says the prime minister has mismanaged the crisis, intentionally atrophied government agencies and risked the lives of Israelis across the battered economy. 'The management of the crisis has been improper'

The article is penned by Ravit Hecht and dated April 18, 2020

Netanyahu: Masses Will Take to the Streets if Court Ousts Me

Court is part of 'deep state' determined to put Netanyahu in prison, the premier says in private conversations, warns of civil revolt if he's not allowed to rule

This article was penned by Gidi Weitz and dated April 17, 2020

It is I believe an open secret that there is no love lost between the newspaper’s management and Benjamin Netanyahu, and constructive comment is always a good thing. But WOW, it looks like the newspaper is moving its game up a notch in its attacks on the prime minister. Is this Fake News, it would appear not.

We live in interesting times, never a dull moment – more’s the pity.

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