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“Caveat Emptor” (buyer beware)

Maybe this is not a real “name and shame”; simply a reminder.

Recently, while my Kia Sportage was in the repair shop – another car backed into me while I was parked in a local supermarket carpark – the body shop gave me a rental for a few days from the Europcar/Albar, Kfar Saba branch.

The rental, a Fiat 500, was a nightmare to drive. A story for another time.

On collecting the rental, I was told twice, once by the rental representative and secondly when inspecting the car, that the tank was full of gas and that I was excepted to return the car with a full tank of gas.

Two days later, prior to returning the car I called at a close-by gas station. I’d driven 70 kilometers in the two days and anticipated filling about twenty shekels worth of gas. Surprise, surprise, topping up the tank cost me 61.16 shekels.

On returning the car I spoke to the branch manager regarding the “full tank” I had been given. Nothing, the guy could not careless. Forget a refund, not even an apology. Nothing!

Obviously, the tank was not full when I took the car, despite the fuel gauge reading full.

And the moral of this tale?


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