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“Caveat Emptor” (buyer beware)

Maybe this is not a real “name and shame”; simply a reminder.

I am often reminded that if “something appears to be good to be true, it normally is” It’s advice that I carry with me.

As a general rule I don’t buy supermarket own brands; while they are certainly cheaper I have found often that the quality of the product/item is not the same as the branded merchandise.

Here in Kfar Saba I prefer to major shop at the Shufersal supermarket in the G Complex. At certain times of the day, entering and exiting the complex can be a nightmare. There are of course other options including the supermarket that bears the name of a certain former Jerusalem Mahane Yehuda Market grocer.

His stores, including the one in Kfar Saba remind me of the slogan forever associated with Jack Cohen, the founder of the UK Tesco chain “pile it high, sell it cheap”.

Recently with a closing time window, I visited the Mahane Yehuda Market grocer’s Kfar Saba supermarket. Having grabbed the dozen or so items I needed, heading to the checkout I remembered that I need trash bags. What a mistake, instead of picking up the normal brand of trash bags I selected the supermarkets own brand which in fairness was considerably cheaper. While I saved money on the 50 sacks roll, as the bags are so much thinner than the name brand I would normally buy, I actually require two bags, one inside the other, otherwise, the bags split. Happened the first time I used the bags on the way to the elevator, thank goodness not in the elevator.

The moral: “Caveat Emptor” – you get what you pay for.


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