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Can You Sue an MP for Lying – Part II

A few days ago will pumping gas, I noticed the car in front of me carried a Benny Gantz sticker.

The sticker showed a picture of Gantz and the slogan – in Hebrew – Israel before everything. I seem to think that the sticker first surfaced prior to the April 2019 election.

The point is, did Gantz believe in the slogan, does he still believe in the slogan or was it all a clever spin?

I ask because of his actions contradict the heart of the slogan. Gantz, at least until now, has not put Israel first. It would appear that the egos of members of both main parties are so big – I’m surprised that can squeeze through doorways.

OK, yesterday Lapid decided to forgo rotation with Gantz. Was he pushed or is it a genuine decision? Guess we will never really know.

Both sides continue to play “its not me, it's him” game. And here we are yet again facing a third general election in less than 12 months. And no one seems to care. Not Bibi and his lapdogs. Not the Four Horsemen. What the hell is wrong with these wallies? Are their egos so big that they can’t see the damage that is being done to this wonderful country? Maybe their bums are just so comfortable on the plush seats that they can’t bear the idea of not sitting in such refined surroundings.

Do they care about Israel? It seems unlikley by their actions.

Have they lied to us, the citizens of Israel? It would appear so.

So let’s remember next time we vote and kick the lying wallies out.


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