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Can you sue an MP for lying?

This question was recently asked in the UK in the run-up to the country’s general election. The question was addressed to former consecutive leader Ian Duncan Smith. I am not aware of his response.

However the question posies an interesting quandary, “can we take legal action against those we elect to govern us for lying to us?”.

Assuming the answer is “YES” and that the AG here in Israel has his hands free of other issues, can you imagine the sway of affidavits against most of the 120 elected wallies in Jerusalem. Make no mistake, most of them including Bibi’s lapdogs and many on the other side have lied to us, the citizens of Israel.

Benny Gantz earlier today in response to details of Case 3000 is “flabbergasted” calling the charges “sad”. He went on to say “As someone who served in defense for 38 years, I never thought I would hear the words corruption and Israeli defense said together”.

So Benny Gantz is flabbergasted. So are we the citizens of Israel that three former IDF chief of staff can’t get it together and work out how to form a government.

Silly me, I forgot. It’s not them it them, it’s the other side, they are to blame. Of course we playing the national “name game” – it's not me, it’s him. What a load of BS!

Both sides claim (and it has to be porky) that their only interest is the welfare of the State of Israel. Believe that when pigs fly. Right now it would appear to be about self-preservation. Nothing else. What a crock of S.H.I.T.

Shame on you.

It’s time for a revolution.

Gandi’s notion of civil disobedience later embraced by Martin Luther King (and others around the world) needs to come to the streets of Israel. It is time for the people of Israel to take control of their destiny.

I am not for second advocating violence as we have seen recently in Hong Kong and a number of South American countries. But it’s time that the majority of the 120 chumps that sit in Jerusalem, do so at OUR pleasure.

Come the next election, which looks like to be set for March 2020, we need to remember who has lied to us and move heaven and earth to ensure they are NOT sent back to Jerusalem to further humiliate us.

Enough is enough.


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