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Can Boeing win back trust after the 737 Max disasters?

Taken from today’s (UK-based) Independent newspaper.

“US giant cannot expect the public to be placated overnight – it will take a lot of work, and perhaps some celebrity endorsements.

Let’s be honest. When have you ever been bothered about the type of aircraft you’re flying on? The airline will happily tell you which model it is, and furnish you with all sorts of details about its dimensions, wingspan, and so on. And you don’t want to know.

As far as you’re concerned, an airplane is an airplane. It’s to get you from A to B as quickly, and in as much comfort, and as safely, as possible. But if you’re aware that this particular variety has a chequered history, that it’s been modified after having been taken out of service following two disastrous crashes, you might, suddenly, take a keen interest. You would, wouldn’t you?

That is the challenge Boeing and its airline and leasing customers now face."

I don’t pretend to fully understand what is going on with Boeing and the 737 Max issue. There would appear to a lot that is not being said by Boeing (and maybe also the airlines), perhaps for good reason!

I, for one, do look at the type of aircraft I am scheduled to fly on, although this is normally to ensure that the seats I want are away from the galley, toilets. Recently, having booked a flight with Montenegro Airlines, I did spend time reading about the Fokker 100 aircraft that they fly regularly from Frankurt to Podgorica.

Let's say that Boeing did indeed offering a number of 737 Max “celebrity endorsements”, assuming we were unsure of the aircraft, would we really be swayed by them?

I have been taken to task on more than one occasion for referring to celebrities who offer fee endorsements as prostitutes. (I always maintain that at least the ladies of the night are honest about their labors). As an example, take the case of a celebrity chef who last year endorsed a manufactured food product which he would not under any circumstances put in his mouth and certainly not serve in his restaurants. Nevertheless, he was happy to be paid tens of thousands of dollars to endorse said product and deceive the gullible general public regarding the worth of the product.

What of the airlines? Why don’t we hear from them, their pilots and crew? Has Boeing somehow placed a gag order on the airlines, pilots discussing the 737 Max?

There seems to be little from Boeing and nothing of substance from Boeing stakeholders.

Boeing, it would seem is certainly facing a massive challenge.


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