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Blowin in the Wind

I often described myself, when pushed for a label, as a “left of center, liberal social democrat with consecutive views, who still, more than 60 years on, gets a kick out of reading Engles and Marx, while on several issues, I stand firmly to the right of Attila the Hun”.

My longstanding habit is to have music playing in the background as I perform an array of tasks at home, or when walking most days around Kfar Saba.

And my musical tastes range, depending on several factors, from Bigband to Queen, Mario Lanz to 1950s Skiffle, and all that falls in between, including ‘golden oldies’ Hebrew music.

The other day, while attempting to power walk around Kfar Saba, the Peter, Paul, and Mary, late 60s rendition of Bob Dylan’s ‘Blown in the Wind’ played via my earbuds.

It was as if I had never heard the song before, which is not the case. The lyrics are well-known to me. And I have on at least two occasions n recent years used the text in my English-language groups, having the students read and discuss the meaning of Dylan’s words.

Nevertheless, I was left shaking by the lyrics. Returning to the apartment I played the song several times on YouTube.

For those not of the age, and therefore not familiar with this 1960s anthem; "Blowin' in the Wind" was written by Dylan in 1962. It was released as a single and included on his album The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan in 1963. It has been described as a protest song and poses a series of rhetorical questions about peace, war, and freedom. The refrain "The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind" has been described as ‘impenetrably ambiguous: either the answer is so obvious it is right in your face, or the answer is as intangible as the wind’.'_in_the_Wind

For me, the 1960s performance by Peter, Paul, and Mary is pure, each word is clear and full of meaning. To take nothing away from Dylan, but if the PPM version does not move you, you have no heart or more likely no soul.

Just listen and take in the tenor Peter Yarrow, baritone Paul Stookey, and contralto Mary Travers.

And sixty years on, Dylan’s lyrics still demand answers to what too many people consider unanswerable questions.

Although not a US citizen and therefore not eligible to vote in US elections, I am an admirer of Liz Cheney, the eldest daughter of Dick Cheney who served as a two-term VP under George W. Bush.

Not scared to speak her mind, Liz Cheney is the breath of fresh air that US politics desperately need.

“Cheney on the problem with American politics: ‘We’re electing idiots’” “Former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) suggested Monday that the problem with American politics is that “we’re electing idiots.”

Would it be wonderful if Israel had its own Liz Cheney? Someone with the balls to stand up and tell it like it is.

Alas no. The female Likud MKs act like ladies of the night, ready to perform any and every service for the supreme leader BoBo. (Just maybe I am insulting to the real ladies of the night, who I assume do have scruples and a moral compass.)

As for the male Likud MKs, with a couple of exceptions, they appear to be a bunch of eunuchs.

Liz Cheney's observation that the US is electing idiots, applies squarely to Israel.

Israel continues via its party list to elect idiots.

Just take for example ultra-nationalist Orit Strock, who in BoBo’s current government is the Settlements and National Missions minister. If someone can explain to me what the hell a settlements and national missions minister does, I would be most grateful. According to various comments I have seen online, the job, if this is a genuine position, can be handled by a secretary.

And of course, this obnoxious woman has a mouth on her that echos a cesspool. Like many in her camp, her mouth runs away with her. In doing so, she and her band of clowns, embarrass themselves and more importantly, the State of Israel. At least BoBo had the good grace to issue a (mild) reprimand for her loathsome comments.

Make no mistake. BoBo’s downfall is fast approaching. He is no longer alone in the driver’s seat.

“Minister to security heads who slammed settler terror: ‘Who are you? Wagner Group?’” “Strock compares IDF, Shin Bet, police chiefs to Russia mercenaries rebelling against Moscow; PM decries criticism but calls for probe into claims of excess force against settlers”

“Far-right minister Orit Strock likened the leaders of the military and the security establishment to Russia’s paramilitary Wagner Group on Monday for saying that extremist settlers who have attacked Palestinians in recent days were engaged in “terrorism.”

“They issued a message about Jewish nationalist terrorism. Who do you think you are? The Wagner Group?” she said, referring to the Russian mercenaries who rebelled against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Who are you to issue such a message under the government’s nose? Are they going to preach to us?”

“Incitement task force to probe Barak, Golan after calls for anti-overhaul uprising”

“Former prime minister and ex-Knesset member remain defiant in face of possible indictment, vowing to keep fighting against the government’s planned judicial overhaul”

“An official task force will investigate if former prime minister Ehud Barak and ex-Meretz MK Yair Golan can be charged with incitement for comments urging anti-government protests, according to Hebrew media reports Tuesday.”

“Both men have called for a non-violent uprising to stop the government’s plan to overhaul the judiciary to shift power away from courts, which the pair and other critics say will destroy Israel’s democracy.”

So here we have it, free speech and free thought are being monitored by Ben Gvir’s task force.

Two questions come immediately to mind: 1. Does Ben Gvir and his task force which was set up to look into Arab violence understand the notion of ‘civil disobedience’ as practiced by Gandhi and MLK? 2. Does Ben Gvir have sufficient locations and space to lock up at least 50% of the population of Israel?

Yes, we need to fight against this hardline right-wing nationalist government that is driven by clowns.

It’s plain as daylight, the lunatics are running the asusmlym

Israel’s ultra-rightwing nationalists are doomed to fail – but, they are too blinded by ideology to see it.


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