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Benjamin Netanyahu has embarked Israel on a slippy slop to an apartheid nation

Benjamin Netanyahu has, to satisfy his own narcissist needs, embarked Israel on a slippy slop to an apartheid nation.

Reading the above headline, many will no doubt say, what's new? Israel has been practicing apartheid almost from its foundation in 1948.

I would argue that while certainly there has been and still exists discrimination against Muslim (and other non-Jewish) citizens of Israel, including those who live in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, today, the country stands on the abyss of a new form of apartheid.

The Haredi leadership in Israel is demanding special privileges, rights, and protections while sponging from the State, refusing to participate in civil responsibilities and badmouthing anyone who comments on their cozy, ghetto-like way of life.

The issue is with the Haredi leaders and their enablers, who are not satisfied with oppressing their own, keeping them under-educated, but also need to control the majority of Israelis who do not view their lifestyle as being conducive to a 21st-century liberal, democratic country.

In the past Jews of Sephardi extraction accused their Ashkenazi counterparts of discrimination. In Israel, the cultural differences between the two sets of Jews are still maintained today by various groups including several serving MKs.

Make no mistake, while discrimination does exist, thanks to Benjamin Netanyahu and his narcissistic needs, Israel will become a nation where the Haridim dominate our daily lives. Think Iran, this Afganstain.

“The Taliban are outlawing women's beauty salons in Afghanistan” “It's the latest curb on the rights and freedoms of Afghan women and girls, following edicts barring them from education, public spaces, and most forms of employment.”

If the above recent headline does not get you thinking, what about this one from last week?

“'Wombs for rent': Opposition MK decries the lack of female reps on religious councils” “Biton made the comments during a verbal scuffle between Labor Party MK Gilad Kariv and ultra-Orthodox coalition members.”

Are you getting the picture?

Want more?

Read these recent headlines:

“Israeli Government Advances Bill Criminalizing Incitement Against the ultra-Orthodox” Should the bill be made into law, incitement against the Haredi community would become a crime with a maximum punishment of five years imprisonment.”

“Ministers advance bill that would criminalize incitement against ultra-Orthodox” “Proposed legislation would expand 1977 anti-racism laws to include penalties against those charged with crimes based on color, national-ethnic background, and anti-Haredi bias”

“Torah study said set to be anchored in Basic Law, to cement Haredi draft exemptions” “Bill planned for Knesset’s winter session is reportedly aimed at providing safety net in case High Court strikes down proposed law exempting Haredi youth from army service”

“Science-free schooling for Israel’s ultra-Orthodox draws fire” “Researchers criticize no-strings funding for religious schools:

In the above article, biochemist and Nobel laureate Aaron Ciechanover of the Technion Israel Institute of Technology said: “Hundreds of thousands of kids are getting an education for life in the Middle Ages. I won’t say that what they’re learning is useless, but it won’t make them part of the Israeli economy or prepare them to study at university.”

For those who may be familiar with the word apartheid but are not sure of its meaning, the following will help.

Apartheid in its simplest format is the policy or practice of separating or segregating groups.

Think South African.

Think Haredim and secular Israel.

And, as long as it keeps BoBo out of prison - it's all good, it's all allowed.

We are destined for an apartheid state – one made up of friers and the other of schnorrers (parasites).

And no one in the Likud has the balls to stand up and challenge this downward spiral.

It's the "too dumb to know better" defense.

The following recent article from the Times of Israel to my mind at least, sums up the dilemma facing Israel today.

OK, so Chris Christe has I guess little or no chance of securing the Republican nomination. But, unlike the ball-less Likud MKs, he has the guts to stand up and tell the truth. All power to him I say.

“Chris Christie Shouts Down Trump Supporters at Evangelical Conference: ‘You Can Boo All You Want’”

For the fallen of Israel not to be forgotten, we MUST be their voice and stop this government from plundering the wealth of the country.


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