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Avigdor Liberman: Netanyahu would form coalition with Hamas if it meant immunity

So we know that this is not going to happen; can you imagine Hamas wanting to get into bed with Netanyahu?

Ok, this may happen on the day that Israel allows the import of kosher pork. (Yes, this is a real story – not fake news – from the Times of Israel, November 3, 2019: “Demanding the impossible, Israel says pork can only be imported if it’s kosher”. The report continues “Netanyahu’s caretaker government quietly changes regulations to bar entry of pig products into country, though domestic production remains intact”.

But serourly, Liberman makes a valued point, Benjamin Netanyahu will do anything and everything to remain in power. Taking a leaf from Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Netanyahu is fast becoming a dictator.

How much is spared on by “her indoors” is open to debate?

What is not in dispute is the plain fact that Yossi Verter’s description of Miki Zohar, Ofir Akunis and others in his recent Analysis article of November 10, 2012, is spot on. It would appear that no Likud Knesset member has the guts to tell Bibi that his time is up and that for the good of the party and the country, he should make tracks. Maybe he is scared of “she who must be obeyed?”.

It would seem that only ex-Likud Knesset with nothing to lose, for example, Limor Livnat, Benny Beguin and a few others have the balls to speak out.

The simple truth is that Benjamin Netanyahu has done much for this country, both as a soldier and as a politician. How I wish I could call him a statesman but that would be placing him the same category as Winston Churchill or FDR!

I can remember when I first arrived in Israel – November 1968 – and in the years immderely after, many people I cam into contact with referred to Israel like a “banana republic”. And that the “last person to leave the country, is asked to turn the lights off”. OK, not funny.

In the last three decades, Israel has moved from a socialist economy to a capitalist economy, and in general, our collective standard of living has risen. Israel is certainly no “banana republic” and yet as we approach our third general election in 12 months, that certainly is the feeling that many of us sadly have.

It’s easy to lay the whole blame on Netanyahu, certainly, he is responsible, but what about the others: Gantz, Deri, Lapid, Ayalon, the Peretz boys, Bennett. The list goes on and on. Did they really do everything they could to avert and second and now the third election? When they look at themselves in the mirror each day, do they have any guilty feelings? Maybe it’s a question of “it’s not me, it’s him”. Or maybe it’s just “screw the citizens of Israel, I’m all right Jack”.

So although Israel is no “banana republic” like many such countries or dictatorships around the world, the first casualty appears to be the truth.

Will no one come forward and tells us the citizens of Israel what the hell is going on in our country or, as I suspect, they are far too busy building alliances to ensure that they retain their seats in the Knesset and along with their offices, fat pay packages and numerous peaks.

Shame on them. Shame on us.


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