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As I See It

We cannot, we must not forget who we are and where we come from!

Benny’sLau’s comments earlier this week widely reported in both the Hebrew and English media, are spot on -

Make no mistake – and I write these words as a conservative – if elected, these Kahane fascists will not only go after the non-Jewish minority of Israeli citizens – Muslim, Christian and others – they will also go after the LGBT community in Israel, same-sex marriage, surrogate birth and all other groups, including secular Jews, Reform Jews and those who do not confirm to their vision of Judaism and Israel. And that could well include various groups of Haredi Jews.

Benny Lau spoke of Nuremberg Laws, if given their way, Otzma Yehudit will enact Jerusalem Laws and will in doing so completely change the face of Israel.

I don’t often agree with Yair Lapid but he is correct when he said that Netanyahu forced this marriage on the Jewish Home Party as a further way of ensuring his premiership following April 9.

What I find strange is that Rafi Peretz as a former Chief Rabbi of the IDF and a man who was responsible for the spiritual welfare of all IDF soldiers regardless of their religion, who knows firsthand the significant contribution non-Jewish soldiers have made and continue to make to the IDF and Israel in general – how could he support / welcome this marriage? It’s beyond me.

For the people of Israel – on the left, on the right or in the middle, whether secular, traditional or observant – this is our Dunkirk. We have two options; we can cave-in and accept these fascists thugs or as Benny Lau has spotlighted, we can fight (not physically) but thru the courts, thru the Fourth Estate and thru people power.

To borrow a line from the movie the Darkest Hour (Winston Churchill) “you can’t negotiate with a tiger when your head is in its mouth”.

Now is the time to act, before it’s too late, before the tiger has us!


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