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Arieh Deri Has Shown By His Deeds and Actions That He Does Not Care For The People Of Israel

I draw no pleasure in outing Arieh Deri, but the man has proven yet again that he is his own worst enemy.

Notwithstanding his claim that somewhere in the region of 400,000 voters want him as a minister, it is worth remembering who these voters are.

Almost exclusively they are Shas supporters, the vast majority I wager vote as their rabbis tell them. In other words, they don’t consider, think, or evaluate, they simply like lemmings, do as they are told. Sad!

Deri has time and again played the race card. The man obversely suffers from an inferiority complex. What other reason could there be to keep repeating the mantra “If my name was Goldberg, I would not have been prosecuted”.

Numbskull, the man broke the law. What does he believe, that there is one law for Arieh Deri and another law for everyone else?

Deri’s declaration of the other day "If they close the door on us, we'll come in through the window. If they close the window, we'll break in through the ceiling" is nothing short of a call to action and may well lead violence and possible bloodshed. If that happens, the consequences are solely on Deri’s head.

If Deri truly loves Israel as he claims, he would do the honorable thing and withdraw from public life as he assured the court he would do following the deal package agreed upon last year.

Regretfully, we know that Deri is not an honorable man.

And that to many Shas followers he is beyond reproach.

Even Likud voters think Deri should fall on his sword.

“A majority of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s own Likud party agree with a High Court ruling that his appointment of thrice-convicted Aryeh Deri as minister of the interior and health should not be allowed, according to a poll published by the Israel Hayom newspaper.”

Just maybe, under his breath, Benjamin Netanyahu is uttering the immortal weirds of Henry II regarding Thomas Becket?

“The Movement for Quality Government (MQG), one of the organizations which successfully petitioned the High Court against Deri’s appointment, wrote directly to Netanyahu on Thursday insisting that he fire the Shas party leader “immediately” in order to “respect the rule of law and the separation of powers.”

Deri of course has zero respect for the law, while Netanyahu may want to show that despite his ongoing court cases, he does embrace the rule of law but can’t afford to alienate the thrice-convicted felon.

So the country suffers.


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