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…………. and now for some good news!

Unfortunately in this section of my tirade, there is no good news.

BoBo is the prime minister.

And, his band of comic clowns, as Yossi Verter in Haaretz recently described them are still around and continue to play havoc with this wonderful country.

Clown-in-Chief, ‘Coco’ Ben Gvir’s latest announcement brings tears to the eyes. Just not sure if they are tears of laughter or despair.

“Proposed bill said to give Ben Gvir, cops power to jail Israelis without charge” “Measure set to be introduced would enable use of controversial administrative detention for crime-fighting, not just terror; Otzma Yehudit MK reportedly looking to bypass AG”

And, if that is not enough, United Torah Judaism MK Yaakov Asher is sponsoring a bill in the Knesset that would criminalize incitement against Haradim.

“Ministers advance bill that would criminalize incitement against ultra-Orthodox” “Proposed legislation would expand 1977 anti-racism laws to include penalties against those charged with crimes based on color, national-ethnic background, and anti-Haredi bias”

I derive no pleasure in painting the Haredi community in Israel as bloodsuckers and parasites, milking the public purse for all they can get and giving nothing in return.

OK, I concede a small percentage of the male Haredi community does work and participate in mainstream activities, including the IDF and other forms of National Service.

Many of those who don’t are happy to send their wives out to work.

Meanwhile, the photo of an IDF female soldier killed last week defending the country so the majority of these bloodsuckers can remain on their backsides is excluded from Haredi news outlets. Her photo may offend the sensibilities of Haredi men. What utter and complete bullshit.

“Haredi media exclude photo of female IDF soldier killed on Egyptian border” “Sgt. Lia Ben-Nun was one of three IDF soldiers killed in a terror attack on the Egyptian border.”

Yaakov Asher states that “The time has come to draw a red line against dangerous and rampant incitement against the Haredi public,” “The bill will enable extracting a price from instigators and will clarify that Haredi citizens’ blood is not cheap.”

The blood of Sgt. Lia Ben-Nun is by the compassion of course cheap. After all, she was a female, an inferior being to an upright and highly-educated Haradi male!

For the fallen of Israel not to be forgotten, we MUST be their voice.

So, Yaakov Asher, if you want to come after me for speaking the truth about your community, go for it. Take a number and stand in line. Otherwise, fuck off back to your ghetto.

Enough of your crocodile tears.

I have no idea who Likud MK Nissim Vaturi is.

He sounds as if he is lacking education in his recent outburst against Ehud Barak.

Barak no don’t think the rant was hilarious and dismissed it as the ranting of a disillusioned, possibly unhinged individual.

“Likud MK: Barak would be hanged ‘in other countries’ for civil disobedience calls” “MK Nissim Vaturi says former PM should face jail term of ‘at least 20 years’ after urging ‘civil uprising’ at Saturday anti-government demonstration”

Nissim Vaturi, take note, as the weeks' progress, the call for civil disobedience will increase.


A change of subject. Something lighter and hopefully positively thought-provoking.

Something to throw at the Woke Brigade.

We can all take a leaf out of veteran British actress Shelia Hancock, and not be bullied, afraid to speak our minds.

“My grandkids constantly tell me: 'You can't say that, Nana'. But I don't want to be a national treasure... I want to be free to speak”

As she turns 90, beloved actress Shelia Hancock passes judgment on everything from Covid to cancel culture.

More power to her.

We should follow her example.

Speak up, speak out.


Best-selling US author goes viral with life-changing 'let them' theory that will save you from 'wasting energy' on trying to control other people's actions.

Mel Robbins, 54, opened up about the mindset hack in a viral video on Instagram.

The crux of the theory is that you should ultimately let people be themselves.

She said it is a waste of energy to try to get people to match your expectations.


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