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And another Golda goes to Channel 12’s Rina Matsliah

OK, so last night was from Rina Matsliah’s finest hour. And yes, she needs to remember what her job function is; interviewer or commentator?

That said, her comments last night and in the past regarding the need for the Haredim and their need to accept the State of Israel, resonate with a large percentage of the population of Israel. "The Haredim need to learn, they need to accept the state, for the better or for the worse… This relationship must change. It cannot continue that the ultra-Orthodox feel the state’s authority doesn’t apply to them.”

Her outbursts echo what many people think and feel, just maybe the delivery lacks finesse?

Her comment of last night regarding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the assertion that even if he did commit a horrendous crime, Likud voters would still vote for him, echos what Donald Trump said about himself four-plus years ago “Trump: I could shoot somebody and not lose voters

Then Trump implied that his voters would follow him blindly regardless. Rina Matsliah made the same implication of Likud voters concerning Benjamin Netanyahu.

As I say, not her finest hour and no doubt there are going to long-term consequences, but credit to Rina Matsliah for standing up and being countered, even if her presentation left a lot to be desired. The lady has “balls”.


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