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An Open Letter to the Mayor of Kfar Saba, Mr. Rafi Sa’ar

Dear Mr. Sa’ar,

I voted for you in 2018 and was delighted that I did.

You have brought a much-needed breath of fresh air to Kfar Saba and in doing so have ensured that the city continues to be a most desirable place to live, for citizens of all ages.

And as matters currently stand and assuming you run for reelection, you can count on my vote come November.

I do however have what some may class as a ‘rhetorical question’.

When are the Kfar Saba municipality, the Kfar Saba police, as well as local and national government, the Ministry of Transport, and all the other bodies going to do something and take action against adults/teenagers riding on our sidewalks?

Regularly as walk around Kfar Saba I am the recipient of verbal abuse, and language that in some cases shocks even me from adults/teenagers riding both regular and electric bikes, and sometimes scooter messengers delivering meals on the sidewalks of Kfar Saba.

Three recent examples:

Sunday of this week, in the space of a couple of minutes, I was subject to abusive/offensive language by a teenage boy on a pushbike and then what I guess was a senior citizen on an electric bike. The latter scraped my right arm in an effort to pass me on the sidewalk of Jabotinsky Street.

The following day on Ben Gurion Street, on what is a narrow sidewalk barely wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side, I was forced to step off the sidewalk into the road to let a man on an electric bike pass me.

Last week while walking on Carmel Street, mid-morning, I was on the receiving end of verbal abuse from a teenage girl riding her electric bike on the sidewalk. My crime, and thus the reason for the torrent of diarrhea that spewed from her month, I did not get out of her way quickly enough. To do so would have meant that I would have had to step off the sidewalk into the road and thus traffic. With hindsight, that option may have been preferable if only to escape the senseless jackass.

Does no one care? It would appear not. What needs to happen for the Kfar Saba municipality and other authorities to take notice and act? Must someone be seriously hurt/killed?

I had hoped that on taking office in 2018, one of your first actions would be to implement measures to curb this curse which, appears not to have happened. Disappointing!

Mr. Mayor, what are you going to do? What is your solution?


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