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An honorary Golda does to retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Amir Haskel

“A quiet ex-general emerges as new foil to Netanyahu”

I wrote, when I introduced the Golda awards that they were to be for Israeli women only, regardless of age, creed, or ethnicity.

That said, and while I intend to stick to that rule, nevertheless, as the instigator of the Golda awards, I have decided that Amir Haskel is more than deserving of an honorary Golda.

Throughout his distinguished career in the IAF, Amir Haskel showed tenacity, leadership, comparison, and resilience. Today, leading a new squadron of fighters, Amir Haskel draws on those same strengthens.

Yossi Verter in an opinion piece published last week in Haaretz wrote “In other countries, 100,000 people would have taken to the streets after the prime minister’s lackeys made this absurd claim.”

Here in Israel, at least for now, it seems that very few have an interest in King Bibi and Queen Sara, and of course the Boy-Wonder.

The real fear and many have touched on this topic in recent weeks, is that the civil disobedience demonstrations will turn violent and there will be bloodshed.

We have seen from recent history how a single gunman can change the course of history. Just think of the assassinations of Gandhi, of Bobby Kennedy, of Martin Luther King, (maybe John Kennedy’s assassination was at the behest by others). And think of our own Yitzhak Rabin.

And we should never, ever get anywhere near to the downfall and demise of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu.

Although I have my doubts, even with 100,000 or more on the streets, I don’t see the King and Queen going quietly. This is not a call to arms or a call for physical action, but the people of Israel, those that support the rule of law need to stand-up and be counted.

To quote Edmund Burke yet again “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

As Amir Ohana, Bibi’s poodle in chief wrote on his Facebook page a few days ago concerning the arrest of Amir Haskel “Lieutenant general, brigadier general or a private, there will be no tolerance for blocking roads,”, referring to Haskel. “Blocking roads is an application of violence toward innocent and peaceful civilians who use the road on their way to their daily routines.”

It would seem, however, that if you are the “Crime” Minister, you are above the law. Let me end this piece with the words of the 13th century Sufi Poet Jalaluddin Rumi: "After hopelessness, there is so much hope and after darkness, there is the much brighter sun."


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