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“A plague on both your houses”

The frustrated curse on both sides of an argument comes from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, circa 1592 which superbly applies to both the man who currently lives in Balfour Street and the man from Rosh HaAyin.

Naively I expected more from the two men both named Benjamin – stupid me!

From what I can see neither gives a flying fig about the people of Israel, both appear to be concerned with their own prestige and image and could not care less about the country. How else can you explain the impasse?

The Balfour Street man wants to hang on to power, come what may, regardless of the cost to the country. The man from Rosh HaAyin, despite his military credentials, lacks experience in the political arena, and these are the gladiators playing with our lives, our future. So sad!

I was once asked to state my political leaning. No doubt my response was something along the following lines “I am a leftwing middle-of-the-road conservative with board liberal thoughts who on many issues stands to the right of Attila the Hun, supports separation of church and state, and seeks a strong democratic State of Israel”. In other words I am, I believe, like many in Israel.

So where does this leave us?

Right now up a creek with no paddle.


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