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A Light unto the Nations

The above line is a term originated from the prophet Isaiah that is understood to express the universal designation of the Israelites as mentors for spiritual and moral guidance for the entire world.

Given the shenanigans of the coming Israeli government led by joint prime ministers designated, Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben Gvir, the State of Israel is projecting to the world its version of spiritual and moral guidance.

And yes, I made no mistake in my reference to Smotrich and Ben Gvir, who along with Avi Moaz appears to be the power trio about to run the country.

Netanyahu may think that he is in charge, but from the viewpoint of Middle Israel, he is not unless, of course, he has a trick or three up his sleeve.

Just read what David Bitan, the only Likud MK with balls says about the situation:

Likud MK David Bitan: Coalition partners are ‘acting like little kids’

He is not alone.

Read what a former Likud justice minister says:

Ex-Likud minister: Netanyahu is willing ‘to pay any price’ to return to power

It’s time to mobilize and take back our country before it is too late.

We fight back not with violence; sticks and stones will get us nowhere. We take back our country with deeds and words. After all, the pen is more mighty than the sword.

Bigots like Orit Strook have no place in a modern democratic society. Far-right MK says doctors could deny treatment on religious grounds, sparking uproar. Netanyahu condemns comments by Religious Zionism MK Orit Strock, who is set to be a minister in his government, vows that Likud will not allow discrimination against LGBT community.

Thank goodness the fightback has started against her insane hair-brain thoughts.

Major Israeli bank says will deny credit to discriminating entities

Israel Discount Bank, one of the 5 major financial institutions, says decision taken by its board of directors after incoming coalition members said they're seeking to amend laws to allow services to be denied on religious grounds.

It is worth noting that WIX has also made a similar declaration.

The battle lines are being drawn even as I wrote these words.

And then, of course, we have the Boy Wonder, who following his latest outburst would be happy to see mass executions of all those he deems traitors. Will these executions take place in public, maybe at the Western Wall Plaza?

As his father says, he supports free speech. Is that however a two-way street?

Netanyahu rejects son Yair’s hint that prosecutors deserve death sentence. But incoming PM stresses freedom of speech for firebrand son, who accused judicial officials of treason for pressing corruption charges against father>

Talking of freedom of speech, someone needs to give Caryn Elaine Johnson, a history lesson. The last time around the facts it would appear did not penetrate her brain cells. Is she stupid?

Whoopi Goldberg doubles down on 'Holocaust wasn't about race' remarks. Actress and co-host of ABC talk show 'The View' under fire once again after telling The Sunday Times of London that the Nazi genocide of six million Jews was 'originally' not about race.


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