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Welcome to the Emerald Cove; the irrelevant, irreverent and sometimes contemptuous comments of a happily retired nobody who seeks not to follow or be followed but simply to be allowed to rant and rave from time-to-time at the stupidity and callousness of this world.

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The irrelevant, irreverent and sometimes contemptuous comments of a happily retired nobody.


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"A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you."

- Brigitte Bardot

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I'm turning into a grumpy old man, even though I feel 25 going on 39 (I wish).
Emerald Cove allows me to sound-off, post my comments on national and world affairs and generally enable me to laugh at the world.
Getting older encourages you (or at least me) not to take the world so seriously (most of the time).

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And why Emerald Cove?

It is the perfect place to escape to when all around you is in disarray.
And, it’s the perfect place to be when, if you are like me, averse to needles; injections, blood samples, et al.

The idea of a place to escape to came many years ago from a doctor. I was in the hospital for observation following a heart scare. One morning this charming lady doctor arrived with the intention of taking a blood sample. We got chatting. I found that many of the staff enjoyed speaking with me in English rather than Hebrew.

When I mentioned my loathing of needles, her suggestion was to close my eyes and transport myself to a tropical island; sea, golden sands, palm trees – the whole works.

The idea of the Emerald Cove grew from that encounter. It’s a mystical place to escape to when a needle appears, or when I simply need a brief escape from reality.

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